How to edit Menu

How to edit Menu

How to edit Menu – Just IT Hosting

Some default pages are automatically created on our website using the selections we made in How to start your own Online Store – First Time Setup. These default pages also constitute the default menu that is displayed in the Header section of our website. In this article, let’s see how to edit menu.

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How to Edit Menu

In this article, lwt’s see how edit the default menu items, add drop down menu, add footer menu, add legal pages menu.

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:


Required Tools:

– A Computer.
– Our Ecommerce shopping cart

Things Needed?

– Menu Bar Items list.

Steps to edit the menu

Step 1

Edit the default menu

Step 2

Add Menu bar items

Step 3

Add Legal pages in the Footer menu

How to Edit Website Menu

The default pages of this store are Home, About Us, Shop and Contact Us. These pages show up in the header menu with the same name. Whenever a new page is created on the website  using the Add button it gets automatically added up to the header menu. 

how to edit menu 01
Fig. 01: How to edit Menu

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How to Add Menu Bar items

Using this Add button, let’s create a Services section on our website for illustration purposes. Click on the New page radio button, give the page a name (title) and you can choose to show this page on the Header menu, or on the Footer menu or on both. Click on Create page.

Now use the steps we discussed in How to edit Home page to add sections to your Services page.

how to edit menu 02
Fig. 02: How to Add Menu Bar items

Need Help ?

If you need any help with setting up your hosting, domain names, ssl certificate, email, website, online shop, etc., kindly contact us

How to Add Drop Down Menu

You can also create a drop down menu that contains sub menu items (pages) underneath it. The Header section is the only place where the drop down menu can be displayed.

Once you have created a drop down menu, you can drag new or existing pages to this menu to make them sub menu items. You can also create a menu that links to an external website.

how to edit menu 03
Fig. 03: How to Add Drop Down Menu

How to Add Footer Menu – How to Add Legal Pages Menu

Now using this approach, let’s create some legal pages for our website. Legal pages are necessary for regulatory requirements and for 3rd party service integration compliance requirements.

Some of the legal pages are Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, Returns Policy, Refund Policy, etc.,

Let’s just create a Terms & Conditions page using which you can create other pages. In the Pages menu on the right, click on Add. Give this page a name and click on Show in Footer. Click Create Page.

It’s always better to display the legal pages in the Footer menu. Once you have created a page you can click on the Add section to use a text widget to display the conditions. Refer Fig 01 – 02 in how to edit home page

how to edit menu 04
Fig. 04: How to Add Footer Menu

Reorder Menu Bar Items

In the next window, you can see a list of all the default pages, new pages and menu we created. You can use the “=” in front of any menu to reorder the menu or make it a sub menu item.

The Terms & Conditions menu is now displayed in the Footer.

website navigation 05
Fig. 05: Reorder Menu Bar Items

Menu Bar FAQ’s


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