Managed WordPress Hosting – Get Started

17 Managed Wordpress Hosting - Get Started

Managed WordPress Hosting – How to Get Started

With Managed WordPress Hosting, we take care of everything so the process is as easy as possible for you. Once you’ve purchased your plan, you can immediately create your website or start blogging.
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Not sure how to create a blog or website after you have installed Managed WordPress hosting? Don’t worry!
Just click on the Start Wizard button. This will help you setup a complete working website with all the plugins, themes, pages and posts installed automatically for you.

Managed WordPress Hosting - Get Started 01

In the next window, provide all the information like website Type (Website, Blog or Online Store), your Industry type, Title for your website, Tagline – one that defines your website and click on Continue. 

Managed WordPress Hosting - Get Started 02

In the ‘Contact’ window, provide all the information like Email, Phone Number, Fax Number, Address, Social Profiles and click on Continue. If you do not provide all these informtaion here, you will have to manually search for these fields from the WordPress Admin Dashboard and provide it there. Let’s keep things simple. 

Managed WordPress Hosting - Get Started 03

Choose a Theme

In the ‘Choose a Theme’ window, click on your favorite theme. 

Managed WordPress Hosting - Get Started 04

Make some basic changes, like Header Image and Color Shemes and click on Select. 

ManageWp 05

This will install your favorite theme with all the changes just made. 

ManageWp 06

Customize Theme

In the Theme Customizer window, click on the Edit button next to any element in the theme, make your changes, and click on the ‘x’ symbol at the top left corner. 

ManageWp 07
Fig. 07: Managed-Wordpress Hosting – Get Started

This will take you to the WordPress Admin dashboard. If you have skipped any step or missed to fill a field at any stage of the Start wizard, you can do it from this window. 

ManageWp 08
Fig. 08: Managed-Wordpress Hosting – Get Started

At any stage, if you want to log back into your WordPress Admin dashboard, just use the format,
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