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Online Checkout Process

Online Checkout Process

In this article, we will see how the online checkout process works from the customer point of view as he/she would use the website to purchase items from your store. But before we get into the online shopping process flow, there is one more setting that the ecommerce developer has to perform in the store backend administration.

In the Store menu – click on ‘General’ button under Settings (Refer Fig. 01: How to start your own Online Store – First Time Setup ). In the Checkout tab make sure you have both the options selected. These options ensure that the phone number is a compulsory requirement and that the customer can add any special instructions for the store admin during the checkout process.

online checkout process 01
Fig. 01: Online Checkout Process

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A Customer visits your shop and browses through the different range of products and finally zones in on a product that he/she is very much interested in purchasing. The single product listing page provides more detailed information about the product and displays more images. In order to start the checkout process flow the customer clicks on the Add to Cart button.

online checkout process 02
Fig. 02: Online Checkout Process

The Shopping cart page shows the product selected for purchase, the quantity and itemized price description. If the customer has the coupon code he can enter it in the appropriate field and click Apply. The page refreshes to show the new price. The customer can change the amount of items in the quantity field and hit update cart link else he can just click on the Checkout button.

online checkout process 03
Fig. 03: Online Checkout Process

Checkout process flow

The checkout process steps consists of

  • Customer Information
  • Shipping & Payment
  • Order Confirmation

In the Customer Information page, the customer needs to provide basic personal details like his name, address, phone number, email address, etc., and hit the Continue button.

online checkout process 04
Fig. 04: Online Checkout Process

In the Shipping & Payment window the customer can select his preferred method of shipping, enter any special instructions for the store admin to follow and click the Complete your Order button. At any stage during the checkout process, the customer can edit the shopping cart. Since we only have manual payment enabled on this store, this page provides information about how the customer can pay using cash or check.

shopping flow 05
Fig. 05: Online Checkout Process

The order confirmation page shows a Thank you message indicating that the order has been successfully placed and lists the Order number for future reference.

shopping flow 06
Fig. 06: Online Checkout Process

The customer also receives an order confirmation email showing him details about the order number, order date, order summary, order price and the delivery address.

shopping flow 07
Fig. 07: Online Checkout Process

Abandoned Cart

Finally, before wrapping up, let’s discuss one more feature of the admin backend called the abandoned cart recovery. This feature sends automated email reminders requesting the customer to complete the checkout process if he/she dropped off at any stage during the checkout process.

In the store menu, under Sales, click on the Abandoned Cart button. Press the toggle switch to the Enabled position.

shopping flow 08
Fig. 08: Online Checkout Process

In the Send an email drop down option you can choose from different time intervals at which to send the automatic email reminders. Although sending an email after 24 hours would be one of the best options.

shopping flow 09
Fig. 09: Online Checkout Process

In the next article, we will see how the actual Online Order Processing is done by the store admin.

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