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Social Questions and Answers Wordpress Theme

Discy – Social Questions and Answers WordPress Theme is a stunning, professional and flexible social questions and answers WordPress theme specially designed for Online Communities,
Niche Questions and Answers Websites, Marketing Websites, Developers Websites, or any kind of Social Communities.

Create your online, full-featured question & answer community like StackOverflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers with Discy Now!


Page templates with customization options ( 11 page template )
Custom Widgets with customization options ( 25 Widgets )



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Discy – Social Questions and Answers WordPress Theme


Discy is a social questions and answers WordPress theme with extra power!

Discy also come with some extra power to the theme! Detailed Question Page, Awesome Poll Page, Unique User and Profile Pages, User Points and Badges System, Ask Users, Questions and Answers Report System, Follow Questions, Add Questions to Favorites, Vote Up/Down System, Best Answer Picker, Notifications , Activity Log, Private Messaging, Ads Manager, Front-end Post Submission, Custom widgets, FAQs System, Social Media Sharing Buttons, Custom Login/Register Pages, Facebook Comments and much more…


Highlight your questions by using Question Types, easily close old questions and make new questions in process or just mark it as answered

Ask your Questions and Get the answers in no time
Easily ask question with simple steps, users can set title, provide detailed descriptions, select the category and write tags to help increase site exposure.

Manage all of the Questions on the Front End
All Discy features (Edit, Delete, Report, Views, Follow, Status) can be easily handled. Set member rules and manage the community in a professional way.

Creata and Share a Poll in seconds
Take back audience attention. Poll Everywhere captivates audiences with live activities that deliver actionable results.

Pick or Upvote your Best Answer
Question owner can pick the best answer to be shown right after the question, or let users vote up. Help users easily and quickly find the right answer to questions.

User Points and Badges system
Besides gaining reputation with your questions and answers, you receive badges for being helpful. Badges appears on your profile page, questions and answers.

Upvote or Downvote Questions and Answers
Allow users to vote for other people’s questions that they are interested in. Users can use the upvote and downvote arrows to choose answers to come first.

Views Counts and Detailed Statistics
Views of all questions will be calculated automatically, this will help you show and filter questions by the trending or views on your website.

RTL Fully Supported
Discy is RTL fully supported for those who need a right to left content direction. With just one click you will be able to covert direction completely.



Unique User and User Profile Pages
Give your community a stunning style with our unique user layouts, we have created awesome user layout, a modern user widgets, a detailed profile page, and awesome point and badges criteria.

Smooth User Pages and Widgets
Discy comes with a unique users page, detailed with everything related to users like best answers, badges, questions, follow buttons, points and more!

Detailed Profile Page
Discy comes with a beautifully handcrafted profile page to help your users show their data lik badges, points, social networks, followers, questions, etc.,

Allow Users to Ask Each other
Now you can allow your community users to ask each other questions, they can do this anonymously, public or as a private question.

Flexible User Settings Page
Allow your community users to easily edit and manage their data, users can add their email, social profiles, professional bio, and also the change their passwords.

Modern Login and Register Forms
Your community users will be able to login easily to your website and new users will be able to register quickly also. Discy also allow Social Accounts Login.

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Plugin List

WPQOA – The WordPress Questions And Answers Plugin
Contact Form 7


Custom Widgets with customization options ( 25 Widgets )

Discy – About
Discy – Adv 120×240
Discy – Adv 120×600
Discy – Adv 125×125
Discy – Adv 234×60
Discy – Adv 250×250

Discy – Social counter
Discy – Facebook
Discy – Social media
Discy – Subscribe
Discy – Twitter
Discy – Video


WPQA – Activities log
WPQA – Buttons
WPQA – Comments
WPQA – Login
WPQA – Notifications
WPQA – Posts

WPQA – Profile Strength
WPQA – Questions Categories
WPQA – Related Questions
WPQA – Signup
WPQA – Stats
WPQA – Tabs
WPQA – Users

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