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Instamojo payment gateway – Simplest Payment Gateway Integration

Hassle Free Payments
Our easy Integration makes way for hassle free payments enabling our clients to accept money in minutes with success rates that are best in the industry.

Integrate Instamojo with Website
Start accepting payments on your website with our API or libraries.

Instamojo Integration in Android
Integrate our Android SDK to collect payments in your app.

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Instamojo payment gateway


Instamojo is the easiest payment gateway solution for any developer. It can be integrated on any website with any stack. We have Simple Payment APIs with detailed documentation and SDKs for all major platforms. With responsive developer support, integrating Instamojo is a butter-smooth experience!


Instamojo Payment Gateway Integration Charges

A simplified onboarding process. Hassle free & minimum KYC requirements.

Setup Fee                                                         ₹ 0
Annual maintenance fee                               ₹ 0
Minimum Commitment                                ₹ 0


Instamojo Payment Gateway Charges

NEFT/ RTGS/ Bank Transfer – FREE – 0
Debit Cards/Credit Cards – 2% + ₹3
Digital Products & Files – 5% + ₹3

International Cards – 3% + INR 3
American Express Cards – 3% + INR 3
Wallets (Ola Money, MobiKwik, FreeCharge, Jio Money) – 2% + INR 3


Instamojo Transaction Fee

Customer pays you: 1000 (Domestic)
Instamojo fee (2%): 2/100 * 1000 + 3 = 20 + 3 = 23
GST on Instamojo fee (18%): 18/100 * 23 = 4.14
Amount paid out to your bank account: 1000 – (23 + 4.14) = INR 972.86

Use our Simple Instamojo Fee Calculator 


Instamojo Convenience Fee

Enabling Instamojo Convenience Fee automatically passes on the Instamojo transaction chanrges to buyers.

You charge customer – ₹1,000.00
Your customer pays – (Amount + Instamojo fees + GST)
– ₹1,000.00 + ₹23.00 + ₹4.14
– ₹1,027.14

You get in your bank account – ₹1,000.00


Instamojo Sandbox Account

Instamojo provides you with an option to create a sandbox account to test your integration before you can go live on your website or application. You can test various scenarios and use a dummy card for test transactions.

For Dummy Credit card details use the following details

Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242
Date: Any valid future date
CVV: 111
Name: abc
3D-secure password: 1221

For API you can access your new developers credentials(API key, Auth Token and Salt). Create a test account using Instamojo sandbox account .


One API. All Payment Methods.
We provide a wide range of payment options – Credit/Debit cards, Net-banking, EMI, Wallets and UPI. We support Rupay, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX cards. You can choose our APIs and SDKs or jump straight to using our plugins.


High Speed, Optimised Checkout
During checkout, you can choose to redirect your customers to the Instamojo page or have them pay on your website itself. Optimised for both mobile and web, we promise your customers a quick and smooth checkout experience.


Libraries & Wrappers
Use our Payments API in the language or platform of your choice.


More than just a Payment Gateway
With Instamojo payment gateway, you are not just integrating payments, but a whole ecosystem of services for your businesses. You will find a range of business tools on our app store right from an invoice generator and Pro Analytics to automated SMS and Email alerts.


For more products like this, please visit our Website Themes and Plugins Shop


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