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Oberlo Dropshipping App – Import products from AliExpress to sell on Shopify

About Oberlo Dropshipping App

Looking for products to sell online? Find millions of them with Oberlo!
Oberlo is a Shopify dropshipping app which allows you to find trending products to sell online, add them to your Shopify store, and start selling today.

Never worry about packaging or shipping, worry about the things which matter – making sales, and growing your business. Everything is taken care of by the Dropshipping provider.

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Oberlo Dropshipping App


Start using Oberlo Dropshipping today
All accounts have access to the forever free Starter Plan!


Forever Free Plan
Take advantage of Oberlo Dropshipping and equip your store with everything it needs to succeed as a dropshipping business for no cost with our Forever Free plan. No credit cards required.


Detailed Product Statistics
With Oberlo Shopify app in-depth product statistics and make the best choices when you’re looking for products to sell online. You can check the potential of every product before you start selling and make data-driven decisions for your business.


Free Oberlo Google Chrome Extension
Use our free Oberlo Google Chrome Extension and add products directly from AliExpress into your dropshipping store with just a few clicks.


Order Tracking
Track your orders, and know where they are at all times with Oberlo’s integrated order tracking feature. Even though you won’t be shipping or handling your products, you’ll still be in full control.


Sales Dashboard
Track your dropshipping success with Oberlo’s Sales Dashboard. Monitor how many sales the trending products which you add to your store make daily.


24/7 Customer Support
Oberlo’s customer support team is available round the clock to help you deal with any problems that you run into when you’re dropshipping. Selling products online doesn’t need to be difficult – we’re here to help.


Product Page Customization
When you’ve added a product from Oberlo Aliexpress dropshipping app to your store you can change the title, description, and images as much as you’d like.


Inventory and Price Auto-Updates
Oberlo constantly monitors and updates the price and stock levels of your dropshipping products. This means you’ll never sell a product that’s out of stock, or above your retail price.


Pricing Rules
Save valuable time every time you add products to your store by adding Oberlo global pricing rules for your Shopify store.


Bulk Orders
Reduce your workload by automating bulk orders and fulfil multiple orders with one click.


Captcha Solver
Automated Captcha solvers saves time and energy while placing bulk orders.


Multiple Users
Allow other people to help run your online store. Perfect for when you grow from first sale to scale. Remember – there’s strength in numbers.


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Oberlo – Find products to sell on Shopify with Oberlo


Oberlo – Import hundreds of products to your store in minutes.


Oberlo: How To Use the Oberlo Chrome Extension


How to Set Up Shopify – Dropshipping with Oberlo


Preview - Demo

Preview – Demo
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Oberlo App – Free plan Available



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