ProFit – Shopify Virtual Fitting Rooms


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ProFit – Shopify Virtual Fitting Rooms. For Online Fashion Stores.

  • No More Returns
    Enhance engagement, increase conversions, & minimize the need for multiple size purchases & as a result, cut the return rates.
  • Improve Shopping Experience
    Take care of your customers, and they’ll take care of you. Make it easy for them to visualize the clothes you have in your store on them using our virtual dressing room app
  • Smart Way To Track Inventory
    The more you know about your customers, the more you will be able to control your stock and track demand trends.
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ProFit – Shopify Virtual Fitting Rooms


Introducing ProFit – The single, most effective virtual fitting room app your online fashion store will ever need. It is a virtual fitting room for online clothing retailers developed by Aloma Fit Co. An easy to use virtual fitting rooms tool that will save you all the undesired headache by:

  1. Analyzing customers’ body shape and fit based on their usual previous fitting with famous brands, then our world class artificial intelligence and algorithms will do the rest for them.
  2. Recommend the most suitable sizes for the apparels your customers are looking at.
  3. Let customers try on different sizes to see how they’d look on them.
  4. Reduce the chances of return due to mis-sizing.
  5. Know more insights about customer behavior helping to streamline the stock and inventory.

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AlomaFit Virtual Fitting Room


ProFit – Shopify Virtual Fitting Room


Preview - Demo

Preview – Demo 
Free plan available – Up to 5,00 tries
For female, male or both clothing



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