Woocommerce Twilio SMS notifications


Woocommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin


The Customizable WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin will send SMS notification from WooCommerce store to both buyers and the store admin. Also, from admin order edit page, you can send your own custom SMS to the phone number related to the order.

After activating this woocommerce twilio sms notifications extension, it will also change the billing phone field format into an international phone format with country calling code. The default country calling code for WooCommerce billing phone will be the base business country that you set for WooCommerce.

Now you can send your own SMS for a specific order to the buyer’s billing phone number just by typing your SMS from order edit page and then click on “Send SMS” Button.

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Woocommerce Twilio SMS notifications


Depending on the type of order, it can send different types of SMS. Each and every SMS is editable and SMS for admin/buyers for a particular status can be disabled/enable easily.
This woocommerce sms order notification plugin uses Twilio API to send SMS Below are the features of this WooCommerce SMS notifications sending plugin:

Send SMS notifications when customer order on the WooCommerce store.
SMS will be sent when a customer makes an online payment so that customers can be confirmed about payment received.
Send your own custom SMS from order edit dashboard page
SMS notification when order processing. After buyer order, a product on cash on delivery this SMS will be sent.
SMS notification when the order status complete.
Send order failed SMS notifications.
Send order canceled SMS notifications.
Send SMS for when the refund occurs.
Send SMS on the hold order.
Send SMS for order pending.
Send SMS, on change the order status from the dashboard or backend edit order page.
Any types of status SMS can be disabled or enabled from the plugin options page.
Enable/disable SMS for admin or customer or for both for the particular order status.
Customizable SMS text, in an easy way. You can easily put order ID, price, site name within it easily.
Support ORDER_ID, ORDER_CURRENCY, ORDER_TOTAL, SITE_NAME code that will replace with the actual value and name. For example, ORDER_TOTAL will automatically replace with the total order price. You will know more about it from the usage guide of this plugin
International phone format on WooCommerce checkjout page. That means you can choose the country phone code on checkout page for billing phone number.

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WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin with Twilio API


Twilio WooCommerce Order SMS Notification Plugin




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