Setup FTP account in cPanel

08 How to setup an FTP account

How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a standard protocol which is used to transfer files from your local computer to the web host over the Internet. It is one of the oldest protocols still in use.
Let’s get to know some basic information about FTP.

Modes Active Passive
Channel Control Data
Port No. 20, 21 22
Types FTPS (Implicit, Explicit) SFTP

In this article we will see how to setup an FTP account, so you can transfer files from your local development site to a live web host.
After you have got your suitable hosting plan you can log into your Just IT Hosting – My Account.

On the top right hand side under your Account name click on My Products. In the Web Hosting section look for your hosting account and click on Manage.

01 setup ftp account
Fig: 01 How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

In the next screen click on the cPanel Admin button this will take you directly to your cPanel hosting control panel 

02 setup ftp account
Fig: 02 How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

In the cPanel Home page window, under Files, click on FTP Accounts 

03 setup ftp account
Fig: 03 How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

Create FTP User Account

Keep the following things handy:


Under FTP Accounts, enter a Username for your FTP Account and enter the Password
Under Directory, if you want to upload your files and folders to the www root folder, ensure that you have /home/username/public_html.
For public_html you can access your website as
If you upload your files to another directory under public_html like
/home/username/public_html/new_folder you have to access your website as
Under Quota, you can set a size for your FTP account, or set an unlimited size and click on Create FTP Account 

04 Create User Account
Fig: 04 How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

Still in the same window, you can see the FTP account you just created 

05 Create User Account
Fig: 05 How to Setup FTP account in cPanel

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