Access FTP Server

09 How to access your FTP server

How to Access FTP Server

In this article, we will see how to access FTP server we just created, using an FTP software.
Things we need:

  1. FTP server address (usually
  2. Username and Password of your FTP server
  3. FTP Client software (Filezilla)

Download and Install your FTP Client software.
Open the Filezilla Client software, you just installed, and click on Site Manager (top left hand side below File)

01 access ftp server
Fig: 01 How to Access FTP Server

In the Site Manager, click on New Site. 

02 access ftp server
Fig: 02 How to Access FTP Server

Enter a descriptive name for your FTP server. In the Right hand side of this window, under General tab, enter the following details :

Port 21
Protocol FTP
Encryption Require explicit FTP over TLS
Logon Type Normal
User [email protected]
Password your Password

And finally click on OK. This will save the ftp credentials for future use. 

03 access ftp server
Fig: 03 How to Access FTP Server

The next time you want to upload files to your web host, just click on the drop down arrow next to Site Manager (Refer Fig: 01) and click on your the site name. Click on OK for any Certificate prompt.
On the left side are the files on your local computer and on the right are the files on the remote site.
Just click on a file on the left and click on Upload

04 FTP Filezilla Client
Fig: 04 How to Access FTP Server

More Ahead

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